Solar Seeds - FAQ

How Much Profit is there per Solar Light?

Customers also have the choice whether to be a Sower or a Grower.

The Solar Light costs $9 delivered to the customer in country.

  • The Customer pays a $3 deposit and then pays $3 per month for two more months. Once a total of $9 is collected, we replant your original SolarSeed so your light keeps growing, or, as a Sower, we give you back your $3 – your choice.

Once the Customer pays off their initial loan, they are now saving over $3 a month by not buying kerosene and they have the option to become a Grower and use those savings to buy SolarSeeds, spread more light and profit with our Member Owned Cooperative.
  • This is where it really gets exciting because our customers become stakeholders and the profits become decentralized in the communities we serve. Our projections show that a single Grower who contributes $9, could earn over $300 in less than five years. That might not seem like a lot of money to you, but if you are making $2 a day, that extra income can change your life (plus our customers will be saving over $3/per month by not buying kerosene. Over 8 years, which is the average useful life our award winning solar light…that is $288 of savings…plus the money they can make as Growers). The goal is to create a global network of “ecopreneurs.”

There is up to $3 in profits for our Growers with each solar light sold and all of those profits are divided up amongst all of our Growers based on their points. The seeds you plant the more profits you harvest.

I Don’t Want to Make Money…I just want to help People?

As a Sower, you can don’t make money. You just get your money back or plant more SolarSeeds. As a Grower, you have three options:

  • Have all your profits simply plant more SolarSeeds (you choose the percentage that goes to more SolarSeeds and the percentage you want as profit).
  • Donate your profits to a group you want to support (we make it simple through our app)
  • Decide that each of us profiting together by spreading sunshine is a good thing.
Our vision is to create a sustainable business where everyone who contributes shares in the profits. We like the fact that everyone is on the same playing field. No matter where you live, or how much money you have, we are all on the same Crew.

Are sales commissions paid on the SolarSeeds?
No. We only pay sales commissions when a solar light is purchased. The SolarSeeds are either replanted, or the money is returned to the Sower. No commissions are ever paid on the SolarSeeds.

Explain the CoOp fee…why is that necessary?
Our goal is to create a global movement – that requires resources. We all chip in a little bit and we all own it together.

Okay, but let’s say 100,000 Members join the CoOp…who gets all that money?
100,000 people at $299 would be almost $30 million dollars. If SunCrew has that level of financial backing, there are many things we can do to scale our growth, create more impact and make more profit. We will always be transparent with our finances. We treat our Members like owners, because you are. We will decide together how to best use our resources to create the best results for all stakeholders.

What happens if a Customer cannot pay their loan?
Your SolarSeed still provides light for that family, but it stops growing if they are unable pay their initial loan of $6. In this scenario, it is like you donated your SolarSeed to an organization that provides solar lights. Our program has an added benefit that if they do pay their loan, we replant your SolarSeed with up to two more seeds…so we can keep spreading sunshine together.

Once a Customer Pays off their Loan, can they get more loans?
Absolutely. Access to credit in the developing world is something that holds back a lot of potential entrepreneurs. When a Customer pays off their first loan, we just found a credit worthy customer in the developing world. If they want a solar phone charger, they simply put down another deposit and we provide them another loan. Over time, their credit gets stronger and strong and they can get larger and larger loans. Eventually, SunCrew can help them launch their own business.

How long will it take for my family to get their solar light?
On this first set of solar lights, the timetable is dependent on two factors:

  • First we have to get a total of $25,000 worth of SolarSeeds – that is the minimum amount we can order of the lights and still get the volume discount we need to make the numbers work.
  • Once we have the minimum order amount, we place the order and then it takes about six weeks to manufacture the lights and ship them to country.
We are working on some ways to accelerate this process, including finding someone who is willing to provide us a larger deposit that will be secured by the lights so we can order the lights immediately. If for any reason we are not able to inspire enough SolarSeeds to complete the first order, we will simply return the “SeedCapital”

If I become a Grower, are there additional ways to make money with SunCrew?
Yes. With SunCrew, you choose your level of contribution and your level of compensation. SunCrew will be selling residential and commercial solar in the U.S. and we are developing a suite of additional products and services. The goal is to become a global distribution center for solutions, where our Members share in all of the profits. Once you become a Grower, we will share all of the details.

Can I make a full-time income with SunCrew? Absolutely. To manage expectations, SolarSeeds are like farming. You plant a SolarSeed, it takes two to six-months for the loan to be paid off, and then another seed is planted. After each loan is paid off, you share in the harvest. SolarSeeds are Slow, Stable and Sustainable.

For those who see SunCrew as a potential career and want to move faster, we have residential and commercial solar in the U.S. and we will be adding other products and services to our offerings. The goal is to become a global distribution network for solutions.

Is SunCrew a multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing company?
No. SunCrew is a Member-Owned Cooperative, and the differences are profound.

As the founder of SunCrew, I have been the president of three different MLMs and a top-producer in several others. My uncle, Bob Richards, who is the president of SunCrew, ran a $320M/year network marketing company in 38 countries called Nikken. We know the industry well, and we both saw some benefits we wanted and several pitfalls we wanted to avoid.

  • SunCrew Members are owners, not sales reps. Our Members share in all of the profits based on their “Patronage Points.” This way we can reward people for helping us “spread sunshine,” but not create a hierarchy with separate “uplines” and “downlines.” We are all part of the same “crew,” because we all live under the same sun.
  • With SunCrew, the more points you earn, the more money you make and the more you contribute. As you earn more money from the community, you start sharing from abundance back to Members of your Crew and to the whole community. This assures that the wealth is decentralized and not concentrated at the top. Nature is cyclical, not linear. With SunCrew, the money flows like the water cycle in nature (we are the first company to do this). First the water evaporates up, then when the clouds are full they release the rain, and the cycle begins again. SunCrew follows a similar model. The goal is an economy that is decentralized, distributed and powered by sunshine. Concentrated wealth and power is a recipe for disaster. We want you to be successful, and we want to share from a place of abundant overflow with everyone who contributes and adds value.